Special Needs Animals

SALDEA never rejects or gives up on animals in dire situations.  It may be a dog that has suffered extreme illness or abuse, or a cat that has a litter of kittens that it cannot support.  We step in to meet animals’ extraordinary needs because every life is precious.  However, these special cases are very expensive.  We collaborate with other organizations on most of the special needs cases because their care is complicated.  Together, we incur steep veterinary costs, frequently involving blood tests and surgeries.  Medications that are often long-term, nutritional supplements, medicated shampoos, special food, along with the normal feeding and spay/neuter costs can add up to a significant financial burden.  We turn to donors to help us support these animals who need us to survive.  You can specify a donation to any of these special cases when you donate on our website or our Facebook page.  You can donate right on this page!


Bongo is a sweet, loving boy who lost the use of the back half of his body due to Ehrlichia, a tick-borne disease.  He was rescued by Saskia Marjolin and is housed at La Casa de los Animales for rehabilitation.  We are collaborating with Saskia and La Casa de los Animales to give him the medications, physical therapy, and assistive devices that will allow him to lead a happy life.  When Bongo was rescued by Saskia, he was full of ticks and living in squalid circumstances, and had many open sores because he was dragging himself around over rocks and dirt.

Bongo carries the chronic version of two different tick diseases, which at this point cannot be cured with medication.  Tick diseases impair the central nervous system.  Because he is neurologically impaired, he is incontinent. He is also deaf, which is again likely a result of tick disease.

La Casa de los Animales is doing various kinds of physical therapy with him, and he is already improving.  Bongo swims every day, is learning to walk upright with a harness, and is about to begin using a two-wheeled cart.  These physical therapy strategies come from a well-known Dutch PT firm.  He can wag his tail a little bit, and kicks his rear left leg in the water.  Hanny and Gijs massage his legs and paw pads to increase blood circulation.  Bongo is starting to react to loud and high pitched noises, which gives us hope that his hearing will return.