Our Sponsors

SALDEA cares about the community and the businesses in Chiriqui, because we are the community.  We want to be successful in helping animals in need, but we also want businesses to thrive and make our community strong.  We offer different levels of sponsorship to give exposure and publicity to local businesses.  They help us help animals, and we help them draw in customers.  A win-win for Chiriqui!

Major Sponsors

These businesses have provided major services to SALDEA or donated over $500 per year to SALDEA.  These sponsors have gone above and beyond anything we have asked out of their deep commitment to animal welfare.  We thank them!

Casa Solution

Casa Solution is an outstanding realty company in Bajo Boquete. Their kind, caring, bilingual staff will help anyone find their ideal property.  The Casa Solution staff are incredibly helpful with international moves, as they assist with every step of moving and getting settled in a new country.  They make buying real estate in Panama a reality. Visit the website.

Chiriqui Media Factory

Chiriqui Media Factory is an internet marketing firm based in Panama that creates and supports websites.  Thanks to CMF, SALDEA has a vital website, which is the foundation of our public relations program.  Always skilled and fun to work with, CMF is the place to go if you need for a great website! Visit the website.

Panama Relocation Tours

Jackie Lange’s impact on people’s lives is impossible to measure.  Panama Relocation Tours brings people from all over the world on an in-depth journey across Panama, so they can see for themselves what a wonderful country Panama is and whether they would like to move here.  Jackie provides invaluable information to visitors that is absolutely essential for new residents, and which is difficult to find elsewhere.  Panama Relocation Tours is the difference between a pipe dream and a plan.  With Panama Relocation Tours, you are better prepared to make a wise decision about where to move and how to live in Panama.  Visit the website.

Platinum Sponsors

These businesses have donated $250 per year to SALDEA.

CHD Services

Cristian Pitti is a responsive and highly skilled exterminator who understands animals, wildlife, insects, and nature.  He uses safe, non-toxic chemicals that are safe for humans and pets.  Cristian is fluent in English.  More than that, Cristian will teach you to understand the animals, insects, and wildlife that are invading your home, and will help you develop effective strategies to keep them outdoors where they belong.

Silver Sponsors

These businesses have donated $75 per year to SALDEA.

Isabella’s Bakery & More

Avenida Belisario Porras, Bajo Boquete.  Isabella creates amazing pastries, cakes, cookies, sweets, and parfaits, with excellent local coffee to accompany your delicious dessert.  Isabella’s is a wonderful place to relax, have a conversation with friends, and give yourself a treat, all in a warm, welcoming environment.  Visit the Facebook page.