Clinica Veterinaria Don Henry is located in David.  Dr. Gomez, 775-7531.  Surgery, digital X-ray, ultrasound, vaccinations, hospital, sterilizations.

Charlie’s Pet Fashion is located in Bajo Boquete in Edificio Don Vidal, immediately before the bridge leading to the Feria and Tap Out.  In addition to grooming services by appointment, Charlie’s offers 24/7 emergency vet services by phone.  The vet clinic has office hours Monday – Saturday, 9am – 5pm, both walk-in and by appointment. There is an on-site pharmacy.  Sterilization is available by appointment or on clinic days at a reduced rate.  Dr. Lennin Guillen and Dr. Adrian Beker work full-time in the veterinary office at Charlie’s. Dr. Beker is highly trained in tick-borne diseases.  Dr. Roberto Crespo also works with the sterilization clinics and has offices in David. Call Charlie’s at 6965-8835 or 720-1566.

Veterinaria Saint Francis is located in David.  Dr. Garcia. 730-3630.  Surgery, sterilizations, 24-hour emergency services for clients.

Hospital Veterinario Happy Pet is in David.  Dr. Samuel Candanedo.  6948-1475 and 775-0501.  Surgery, sterilizations, vaccines, laboratory, ultrasound, X-ray, pharmacy, nutrition, hospital.

Veterinaria Chely, in Bajo Boquete.  Triage, vaccinations, non-surgical procedures.  6518-4127

Clinica Veterinaria Clinivet. David 4438, Calle E Sur, David, Panamá Dr. Fatima Valdes. Vaccinations, hospital, laboratory, 24-hour emergency.  Phone 779 – 0099

Dr. Janzel Gonzalez Trujillo.  Bajo Boquete – makes house calls from Boquete to David.  Triage, vaccinations, portable ultra-sound, non-surgical procedures, and minor surgeries.  WhatsApp 6593-1567.  Email

Dr. Moises Lezcano, Avenida 9a Oeste 12, David.  Phone 775-4969.  Orthopedics, neurology, surgery, lab, X-ray, hospital facilities.

Fundacion Amigos de Animales Boquete (AADAB) provides regularly scheduled SPAY-NEUTER clinics in their Alto Boquete facility.

SPAY-NEUTER clinics are held monthly in Volcan for residents of the area. Contact Dottie Atwater for information about the dates and location of Volcan’s clinics.

Clinica Dr. Harley.  Two locations, in the San Mateo district of David and at La Granja in Alto Boquete, in the Paso Alto building.