We’re thrilled that you made it to our VOLUNTEER PAGE!

All our staff is made up of volunteers.  Without them we would not be able to function, and animals would not be helped.


There are many different volunteer opportunities, both short- and long-term, with different degrees of involvement.


Some tasks are specific, such as:

  • Helping out with an event, either a regular or special event.
  • Transporting animals to the vet or sterilization clinics in Alto Boquete and David.
  • Transporting animals to adoption events at Novey in David.
  • Visiting foster homes and supplying food, support, and advice.
  • Being part of a rescue team when SALDEA recovers an animal on an emergency basis.
  • Collecting donated food and cash from designated drop off locations.


Some tasks are long-term, such as:

  • Being part of the fundraising committee, and helping to put on fundraising events.
  • Fostering dogs and cats (our GREATEST need).
  • Volunteering with the existing feral cat stations, or starting a new station.