Special Needs Animals

SALDEA never rejects or gives up on animals in dire situations.  It may be a dog that has suffered extreme illness or abuse, or a cat that has a litter of kittens that it cannot support.  We step in to meet animals’ extraordinary needs because every life is precious.  However, these special cases are very expensive.  We incur steep veterinary costs, frequently involving blood tests and surgeries.  Medications that are often long-term, nutritional supplements, medicated shampoos, special food, along with the normal feeding and spay/neuter costs can add up to a significant financial burden.  We turn to donors to help us support these animals who need us to survive.  You can specify a donation to any of these special cases when you donate on our website or our Facebook page.  You can donate right on this page!


Willow was found near death on the streets of David.  Thanks to a collaboration with Saskia Marjolin and La Casa de los Animales, SALDEA is helping to heal her from the inside out.  Her skin is necrotic, and is slowly regenerating.  She was starving, with life-threateningly low blood values.  Willow suffered from numerous intestinal parasites.  She has an STD tumor that requires chemotherapy.  Because of her skin disease, she only has tiny little hairs growing in – her skin is still naked and unhealthy.  Her loving spirit is strong, and she is learning to enjoy exploring the world in a safe place.  We are strongly committed to ensuring that her medical needs are covered so she can have enjoy the life she deserves.


Cherry is an 8-month old male who was surrendered by his owner, who realized he could not assume the veterinary costs to heal Cherry’s eyes.  Cherry has deformed inner eyelids, and needs eye surgery in order to save his sight.  SALDEA is teaming with La Casa de los Animales to heal Cherry’s eyes and help him find a suitable home.

Mama Cat and Kittens

This mama cat was struggling desperately to care for a litter of six kittens in a narrow crawlspace in the roof above a bar in Boquete.  The bar is under construction, and the cats’ lives were in danger.  They are now safe.  The little family will need flea treatments, parasite meds, spay/neutering, kitten chow, all times 7.  Costs will run into hundreds of dollars to provide this family with needed care.