Willow’s Story

On November 9, 2018, Willow was rescued from the streets in David by Saskia Marjolein.  Willow was taken to Happy Pet Veterinary Clinic and given initial treatment.  Dr. Sam provided excellent care and reduced the cost of his services due to her extreme need.  She had almost every disease known except for tick disease, and was close to death.  Willow is now in the care of La Casa de los Animales, and is being co-sponsored by Salvadores de Animales, Inc.  Willow is doing much, much better.  She has reached her proper body weight, and is nearly done with chemo treatments.  She can sing!!  Her fur is beginning to grow in, but her skin is still healing.  If you would like to donate to cover Willow’s extensive medical bills, please go to our Donate page and make a memo that the donation is for her care.

Millie Needs Help

Millie is the starving black dog that was seen wandering around Boquete the week of February 4.  She was seen by the vet, who did blood tests on her.  She came back negative for tick borne diseases, and showed severe anemia due to malnutrition.  Because she was in starvation mode, she was unable to tolerate or digest food, and vomited up everything she ate.  The vet gave her a shot to control the vomiting.  Now she is eating Hills’s a/d Urgent Care dog food mixed with cooked rice.  Her foster mom is slowly adding in dry puppy food, which was new to Millie.  Millie is learning to eat dry dog food, in addition to a specialized diet.  She is receiving Iron and B-12 nutritional supplements and anti-parasite meds.  Her energy level is much better now.  She is tail-waggy, friendly, and active.  Her foster mom is skillfully getting food into her, and she is responding.  FOOD DONATIONS CAN BE DROPPED OFF AT THE SALDEA BOOTH AT TUESDAY MARKET.