Willow’s Story

On November 9, 2018, Willow was rescued from the streets in David by Saskia Marjolein.  Willow was taken to Happy Pet Veterinary Clinic and given initial treatment.  Dr. Sam provided excellent care and reduced the cost of his services due to her extreme need.  She had almost every disease known except for tick disease, and was close to death.  Willow is now in the care of La Casa de los Animales, and is being co-sponsored by Salvadores de Animales, Inc.  We will provide frequent updates on her progress, because we believe she will make it!  Follow her progress here.  If you would like to donate to cover Willow’s extensive medical bills, please go to our Donate page and make a memo that the donation is for her care.

The Las Lomas Rescue

On September 28 2018 volunteers from Salvadores de Animales, Inc. and La Casa de los Animales met with Sra. Diana Nuñez, the Justice of the Peace in La Lomas. She and an assistant accompanied us to an abandoned building where a mother dog and six puppies were suffering neglect. With the help of legal officials, the puppies were rescued. Thank you to Atty. Jen Martinez Benavides for alerting us to this case. If you can donate funds to cover food and veterinary expenses, please click our Donate button on Facebook or go to http://www.saldea.org/donate. We also have an accout with Multibank. Message us for details.