Fostering an animal is a rewarding experience for many reasons. Because SALDEA has no shelter, we rely on people like you who are willing to foster an animal until it finds a forever home. SALDEA helps with food, supplies, and veterinary expenses. We provide logistical support and answer your questions about behavior, nutrition, health, anything – with SALDEA you are never left on your own.  There are many reasons why fostering may be right for you. Think about the points below. If you answer yes to one or more of the following statements, fostering may be just the thing for you:

    • You want to help animals in need by offering them love and care.
    • You would like to have a companion animal, but cannot commit to it for the rest of the animal’s life.
    • You are on a tight budget and worried whether or not you will have enough funds for an animal of your own.
    • You already have a companion animal and would like to add a friend for him/her.
    • You want to help an animal regain trust in humanity.
    • You want motivation to go out for a walk even when it’s raining.
    • You want to make a difference in your community.
    • You have the space and time necessary to give at least a temporary home to one deserving animal.
  • You have an open, generous heart.