SALDEA’s feral cat program involves feeding, trapping, sterilization, and release. We support ten feeding stations throughout Boquete. Cats are provided with high quality food and monitored for general health. Unsterilized cats are trapped and spayed/neutered, then returned to their original colony when they have recovered. We ensure that feral cats are safe, well cared for, and do not contribute to overpopulation. This population control benefits the community by reducing suffering, raising the quality of life for people in the neighborhood, and preventing unwanted litters of kittens. As with all things SALDEA, the well being of the animals is our first concern.

In order for this successful program to continue, we need your help. To donate to this important and successful program, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.  If you know of feral cats in your area and would like to start a feeding station, please tell us below!

Feral Cats