How Can I Help SALDEA?

Donate to SALDEA Through Stripe!

Stripe allows you to use your credit card to donate to SALDEA on a one-time or recurring basis.  You can also follow our Fundly campaigns Here.

Donate Using PayPal

Donate to SALDEA Through Amazon Smile!

Click on this link to set up an automatic donation through Amazon.  You pay nothing – Amazon donates to the charity of your choice.

Wish List

91% of donations go toward the delivery of services to animals and the community, according to our mission and  bylaws. The remaining 9% go to administrative fees.  No person is able to draw profit or salary from SALDEA funds. Please visit the About page to view our corporate documents and financial statements.

These are the main items in our wish list.

  • dog, puppy, and cat food, Kirkland and Purina preferred
  • cat litter
  • medium and large sized crates
  • puppy exercise pen
  • dog beds
  • collars for dogs and puppies
  • leashes
  • dog and cat toys
  • food and water bowls
  • blankets and towels
  • humane traps
  • litter boxes