Some of these dogs are undergoing rehabilitation due to neglect or abuse, and some are in foster care because they are too young.  We have two new mamas who need to remain in foster care for several months, until their litters are weaned and they can all be sterilized.  All our dogs and puppies are sterilized, de-wormed, and vaccinated prior to adoption.

Canela and Her Puppies

Canela and her sister Nucita were rescued from a very dangerous situation in Volcan.  Like her sister Nucita, Canela is small, young, and very affectionate.  She’s a great mom.  She has five fat, adorable little pups that are growing rapidly.  Canela and her puppies will be available for adoption when they are ready.  The puppies must be weaned, and all must be sterilized prior to adoption. If you want to pre-adopt, you may do so, but we can’t release the animals until after sterilization and vaccination.

Nucita and Her Puppies

Nucita and her sister Canela were rescued from a very dangerous situation in Volcan.  Nucita is very small and super friendly.  Nucita recently gave birth to two little puppies, both of whom are doing well.  We will be keeping Nucita and her babies in foster care until the pups are weaned and all are vaccinated and sterilized.


Lulu is a young female who was rescued from a harsh situation of neglect.  She recently weaned a litter of puppies under difficult circumstances, and is now in rehabilitation to build up her health.  Lulu needs some time to adjust to human affection, care, and social interaction.  She will be sterilized at the end of August and be ready to adopt in September.