Some of these dogs are ready to go now, and some are still in foster care because they are too young.  We have two pregnant mamas who need to remain in foster care for several months, until their litters are weaned and they can be spayed.  All our pups are sterilized, de-wormed, and vaccinated prior to adoption.



Mocho is a young male, about 7 months old. He was abandoned and is now being rehabilitated in his foster home. He will be ready to adopt sometime in May.

Alto Boquete Puppies

Didi and Denis are still available.  Didi is female, Denis is male.  They are three months old, and just adorable.

Bugaba Puppies

These six pups, Cristy, Conde, Cata, Carlos, Cali, and Candy, are about a month old.  They will be ready to adopt in early JUNE.  Stay tuned!

Canela and Nucita

Canela and Nucita are young sisters who were rescued from a very dangerous situation in Volcan.  They are both small and friendly.  Canela is the darker dog and Nucita is the black and tan.  BOTH are pregnant!  Canela is expecting four puppies and Nucita is pregnant with two pups.  We will be keeping both mamas in foster care until their litters are weaned and they are spayed.  The puppies will be available for adoption when they are ready.


So called because of his adorably huge ears!  Dumbo was found abandoned near the airport in David.  He is 5-6 weeks in age, and doing well in foster care.  Dumbo will be available after sterilization and vaccination.

Whoopy and Wolfi

These two adorable little fellows were rescued from the median strip of a busy road.  They are very young and need some time to grow, develop, and overcome malnutrition.  Both are sweet and sociable.