These cats and kittens are in foster care but NOT yet ready for adoption.  They may be too young, need time to gain weight, recover from illness or trauma, or need sterilization.  We do not adopt animals that are ill or unsterilized.  Watch the progress of these animals with updates here and on Facebook.  They will soon be ready to move into your home and heart!


Cali is a beautiful, healthy little tortoise shell kitten.  She is too young to adopt, but will be ready after she is sterilized.  She is learning to play, socialize, and have fun in her foster home, and will make a wonderful pet.


Beautiful Melin is a young kitten, about 4 months old.  She went into foster care on February 13, 2019.  She is adjusting quickly to home life.  She has an unusual white coat with light brown spots, and amber eyes that match the color of the spots.  We will post updates here as we get to know her better.

The Pi Bar Kittens

These beautiful kittens were born to a feral mama on the roof above the Pi Bar, a bar in downtown Boquete.  The kittens are now in foster care and becoming socialized.  After they are old enough, are socialized and sterilized, they will be adopted.

Kittens in David

This lovely litter of kittens is being fostered in David and will be ready to adopt after they reach the age of two months and are sterilized.  They are thriving in foster care and will make wonderful pets!

Tiny Baby Kitties!

This little litter of four newborns are being cared for by a foster mom who is a med student.  They are getting bigger and bigger!  Watch updates on them as they grow!