These cats and kittens are in foster care but NOT yet ready for adoption.  They may be too young, need time to gain weight, recover from illness or trauma, or need sterilization.  We do not adopt animals that are ill or unsterilized.  Watch the progress of these animals with updates here and on Facebook.  They will soon be ready to move into your home and heart!

Sumiso & Gruñon

Sumiso & Gruñon

The latest set of twins,  Sumiso & Gruñon.  They both have lovely long hair and are about 3 months old.  They will be ready for adoption in early May.

Prairie and her 3 kittens

Prairie and Her 3 Kittens

This is Prairie and her 3 kittens: Francis, Stephen and Betty.  Prairie is a kitten herself, about 6 months old.  She is blind, and was severely ill with severe eye and intestinal infections when she was rescued.  Prairie was too young, sick, malnourished, and dehydrated to feed her kittens, so they were taken from her.  The kittens are being hand-raised.  The babies are vigorous, noisy, and active!  The kittens will be ready to adopt some time in May.

Ana M's Kittens in Foster Care

Ana M’s Kittens

These are Ana M’s Kittens.