These cats and kittens are in foster care but NOT yet ready for adoption.  They may be too young, need time to gain weight, recover from illness or trauma, or need sterilization.  We do not adopt animals that are ill or unsterilized.  Watch the progress of these animals with updates here and on Facebook.  They will soon be ready to move into your home and heart!

Mama Musa, Stela and Katire

This sweet tortoiseshell mama and her two babies were rescued from dangerous circumstances.  Musa was malnourished, but is receiving nutritional support.  The orange kitten is a male named Katire and the tortoise shell kitten is a female named Stela.  The tortoise shell female is named Stela.  Stela is very curious.  She plays with anything and everything!  Beautiful Katire is sweet, playful, and loves to explore the house.  He loves human contact and is confident around people. Mama and babies need to be sterilized before they can be adopted – probably in June.  Stay tuned!

Mama and Babies

This lovely mama cat came to a person’s home and gave birth the next day.  She had six beautiful little kittens.  All are being cared for by the person whom the mama chose!  This person will adopt mama after the babies are weaned.  The kittens will be ready to adopt in several months.

Three Little Angels

These little ones were rescued off the streets of David.  They are healthy and growing well.  More updates to come!

The Rio Caldera Cat Family

Mama Mina and her seven babies were rescued from imminent death.  A person was preparing to drown them all in the Rio Caldera in Boquete, when a kind rescuer intervened.  Mina and her babies are now safe in foster care.  The family is healthy, friendly, and thriving.  All will make excellent pets.

Ziggy Stardust and Zelda

These precious little kittens, about 8 weeks old, were literally thrown out of a moving car in David.  Ziggy was found inside a suitcase, and the Zelda inside of a backpack.  They are being cared for by a kind foster dad. The tortoise shell is the female, and the gray tabby is the male. Ziggy is still traumatized.  They will not be ready to adopt for at least a month.

The Wilson Bridge Cats

This mama cat and her kittens were found abandoned by the Wilson Bridge in Boquete.  The mama and kittens have been separated and are being cared for in different foster settings.  Bridget is the mama.  The babies were born approximately May 9. Mama and babies are all very sweet and friendly, and were socialized before being dumped.  Bridget will be ready to adopt in July after she is sterilized.  The babies will be ready in August.

Garfield and Dorado

Two adorable little orange male kittens, growing every day!

Eva’s Three Kittens

Three little kittens are being nursed by their mama, Eva.  Eva will stay with the foster family, but the three kittens will be available for adoption when they are older. They are growing fast, are beautiful, healthy, and almost ready to move into your heart!

Watch The Kittens Play !