Fostering a homeless animal is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do. Because SALDEA has no shelter, we rely on people like you who are willing to foster an animal until it finds a forever home.  We are strongly committed to the foster care model because it provides critically important individual attention to each animal, and helps that animal heal and transition successfully into home life. SALDEA covers all costs: food, medications, vet visits, cat litter, and all supplies.  All you provide is love.

Some things to think about:

  • Many of our rescued animals are sick or have been seriously abused.  Do you feel comfortable working with vulnerable animals?
  • Do you prefer to work with dogs or cats?  Would you prefer to work with kittens or puppies, or with adults?
  • SALDEA will not pay a salary for the care of the animals, but SALDEA will provide or reimburse for everything necessary for the care of the animal.
  • We are in constant touch with foster families, and provide logistical and moral support.
  • Dogs must live inside the house with you and your family so they will be well socialized. Foster homes must also have a securely fenced yard for dogs to spend some outside time.
  • Cats need to be kept inside at all times for their protection.
  • Are you able to drive the foster animal to vet appointments or to adoption events at Novey?

We look forward to working with you to help our animal friends find safe, healthy and happy homes!  Please send us a message using the form on this page, and tell us what you would like to do, what types of animals you are interested in fostering. We will contact you to set up an appointment.



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