Why Adopt a Dog from SALDEA?

An adoption through Salvadores de Animales, Inc. is a wise decision.  All our dogs are sterilized, vaccinated, treated for parasites, and in good health.  Because we house our dogs in foster homes, our dogs are familiar with the home environment and rules of behavior.  When you adopt with SALDEA, you are part of the family.  We will help you with any concerns, behavioral issues, or problems that may arise.  We have a certified dog trainer who will support you with any behavioral concerns.  We follow up on all our adoptions, and maintain contact with families.  If you ever need us, we are here for you and your dog!

Requirements to adopt a dog from SALDEA:

1. You must have a fully fenced yard or agree to walk your dog on a leash at all times. Chaining a dog you adopt from SALDEA is forbidden.

2. You must consider your dog a member of the family and not a guard dog left in the yard.

3. You must take your dog to the vet for wellness checkups, vaccinations, and at the first sign of illness.

4. Payment of a $20 donation to SALDEA.  Adoptions are not finalized until the donation is paid.

5.  Photo of your cedula taken with the signed adoption contract.



Jak was found homeless in Los Molinos. He is a handsome, medium sized, short-hair dog. He is neutered and current on vaccines.  He is sociable, well- behaved, and easygoing.  He is protective of his home property, and would make a good guard dog.


Cherry was born with a chronic inflammation of the inner eyelids that rendered him vision impaired.  He had successful surgery for his eye defect, and is healing successfully.  His eyes are healing beautifully, and he is almost ready to adopt.  His rehabilitation was managed by La Casa de los Animales.  Cherry is young, happy, energetic, and is almost ready to live a happy life with full vision.


Ciska is a beautiful, medium-small dog with an alert expression and positive attitude.  She is 7 years old, but in perfect health and full of energy.  She is spayed, vaccinated, fully housebroken, and used to home life.  Ciska has an expressive face, and an amusing personality to go with it!


If you are looking for a house-trained female couch potato, Benji is for you.  She is a bit hard of hearing and has an old leg injury, but gets around just fine. She will need a fenced in yard.  She loves to chase laser lights, rides in the car, and going to the beach.  She gets along well with other dogs, though she could perfectly be in a household without other furry friends.  Benji was born about June, 2011.  She is spayed and is medium size.



Patches was found on the streets malnourished and with several skin diseases. She recovered successfully after receiving proper nutrition and care. Now Patches is a bundle of joy with moderate energy, who loves to go camping at the beach and gets along well with other animals. She was born January, 2016 and is spayed.