Jaramillo Puppies

These seven fat, glossy, sleek, 8 week old puppies live in Jaramillo. There are six males and one female.  They are not yet named, and will be sterilized in December.  They will be ready to adopt in December after sterilization.  Honestly, we have never seen such adorable pups.  Our hearts are melting!

Jon Snow

Jon Snow is a youngster, about 7 months old.  He was found making the rounds in a neighborhood in David, trying to survive off handouts.  He is neutered, treated for parasites, vaccinated, and in excellent health.  Jon is lively, playful, and loves other dogs and people.  He is highly intelligent.  We believe he will end up being a medium-sized dog.  If you want an intelligent and lively partner who is up for any adventure, Jon Snow is your dog!


Jak, the companion to Foxy who was found at Los Molinos. He is a handsome, medium sized, short-hair dog. He is neutered and current on vaccines.  He is sociable, wel- behaved, and easygoing.  He is protective of his home property, and would make a good guard dog.


A funny, affectionate, playful little girl with adorable fluffy ears. She is young, just under a year. Her name “Joule” is the international scientific term for a unit of energy, because Joule has energy in abundance! She loves to play games, learn new things, and socialize. She is on the small side, but her outside personality makes up for it. She is spayed and current on vaccines.  Joule is highly averse to cigarette smoke, and tries to escape the area when she smells it.  For this reason, Joule can only go a NON-SMOKING home.


Foxy is a young female, medium-large.  She has a thick, shaggy coat that is trimmed in a fox-style, hence her name.  She is pleasant around people and other animals, housebroken, spayed and current on vaccines.

Daddy Dog

Daddy is a handsome, mature yellow Labrador mix with a friendly, easygoing disposition.  He gets along with cats and other small animals.  He is a large dog.  Daddy will be available for adoption after mid-December.  He will be neutered and current on vaccines.


If you are looking for a house-trained female couch potato, Benji is for you.  She is a bit hard of hearing and has an old leg injury, but gets around just fine. She will need a fenced in yard.  She loves to chase laser lights, rides in the car, and going to the beach.  She gets along well with other dogs, though she could perfectly be in a household without other furry friends.  Benji was born about June, 2011.  She is spayed and is medium size.


Patches was found on the streets malnourished and with several skin diseases. She recovered successfully after receiving proper nutrition and care. Now Patches is a bundle of joy with moderate energy, who loves to go camping at the beach and gets along well with other animals. She was born January, 2016 and is spayed.