Four Handsome Little Guys

These four lovely male kittens were born June 2.  They are sterilized, vaccinated, socialized, and ready to go.

Three Little Kittens

These three photogenic kittens were born about July 23.  They are socialized, have been around dogs, and sterilized.


Levi is a ten week old kitten looking for a new home.  He will be sterilized in mid-December and will be ready for adoption.  So sweet!

Stunning Sisters

Sadie and Sarah were born June 27.  They are sterilized, used to dogs, and socialized.


Camilla the cat jumped into a person’s window and gave birth the next day. She was a wonderful mother, and successfully raised a big litter of kittens. All her kittens were adopted. Now it’s her turn. Her big golden eyes invite you to touch her luxurious grey fur. Her fluffy tail signals her pleasure. She is happy to climb into your lap to share some quality time together, or simply relax while you read. Camilla is happy, healthy and eager to start a new life with her forever person. Camilla is spayed and current on vaccines.


Garfield is an adult male Yellow Tabby. He has a uniquely colored caramel coat with beige stripes. He seems to be about a year old. He likes people and wants simply hang out and socialize with them. He wants badly for someone to love him. He cuddles and loves to spoon. He plays well with other cats, and ignores dogs. He is very verbal, and can become a little noisy when he protests having to go outside or when he is hungry.

Pia and Zia

These two female kittens were born to a feral mama approx. August 18. They have been raised in a foster home and are well socialized, gentle, and friendly. All are sterilized and vaccinated. The dark calico is Zia, the light calico is Pia.


This little girl is a purring machine.  She wants to be cuddled and to be close to people.  She is about 2 months old.  She will be sterilized at the end of November.