Why Adopt a Cat from SALDEA?

An adoption through Salvadores de Animales, Inc. is a wise decision.  All our cats are sterilized, treated for parasites, and in good health.  Because we house our cats in foster homes, our cats are familiar with the home environment.  When you adopt with SALDEA, you are part of the family.  We will help you with any concerns, behavioral issues, or problems that may arise.  We follow up on all our adoptions, and maintain contact with families.  If you ever need us, we are here for you and your cat!

Requirements to adopt a cat from SALDEA:

1. You must agree to keep your cat indoors or only allow it to roam inside a walled yard if you let it outside.

2. You must consider your cat a member of the family.  As a feeling and thinking individual, your cat needs time to adjust to its new surroundings and family.  Cats may take several weeks to settle in.

3. You must take your cat to the vet for wellness checkups, vaccinations, and at the first sign of illness.

4. Payment of a $10 donation to SALDEA.  Adoptions are not finalized until the donation is paid.

5.  Photo of your cedula taken with the signed adoption contract.

6.  Every adopter MUST provide ONE email address and TWO cell phone numbers.  You may use relatives or friends if necessary.


Nova is the black and white mama cat pictured in this photo.  She a happy, vigorous girl loves to exercise, is curious and pleasant with everyone.  She loves to talk a lot, answers if you speak to her, and comes if you call her.  Nova likes to be in her space and behaves like a queen.  Nova is sterilized and ready for a life of her own after being an excellent mother.  She is healthy, happy, and ready to greet her new family!



This is Josie.   She was a wonderful mother to six gorgeous kittens.   She is sociable, calm and sweet.  She is a very mellow cat and would love being your indoor companion.


Toby was rescued from Boca Brava and driven to David by a kind taxi driver!  He is 10-12 years old and has lived a difficult life alone on the island.  Toby is FIV+, but he is NOT sick.  However, because of FIV, Toby must be an only cat living indoors.  Toby is gentle, loving, and peaceful.  He loves to sleep.  All he needs is a bed to call his own. He needs no special medications or care.  Because of his age and FIV status, he will not be neutered,  Therefore, he must not be exposed to any unsterilized female cats.  Again, as an indoor only cat, Toby will not endanger his health and will not risk impregnating a female cat.

Ana M’s Kittens

These four beauties are ready to adopt. There are three females and a male.  All are sterilized, de-wormed, socialized, friendly, and healthy.