Community Service with Local Pet Helpers

SALDEA works hand in hand with many unsung heroes who give their all for animals.  Individuals, families, and refuge shelters are among our friends who are dedicated to helping animals in Chiriqui without drawing attention to themselves.  It is our privilege to support these pet helpers in their work by donating pet food, medicines, veterinary care, construction of animal housing, beds and supplies, or whatever they need.  A certain portion of our donated dollars are passed on to these dedicated helpers, who in turn use the funds to help animals that would otherwise be homeless on the streets, suffering, or dead.  Because we help those who help animals, the quality of life for everyone in Chiriqui is raised.  Everyone benefits.  Pay it forward.

In January, 2021, SALDEA hired local contractors to build a catio for a dedicated pet helper who rescues cats off the streets, fosters them, and adopts them to loving homes.  His cats were endangered because of circumstances in the neighborhood.  The family home had damaged windows that allowed the cats to escape.  A neighbor has a mental health condition and tries to harm the cats.  We helped the cat rescuer because he needed to keep his cats safe, and because rescuing cats is central to his life’s purpose.  The contractor who did the work offered his services at a discount in support of the project.  We are accepting donations to defray the $916 cost.

COVID-19 Community Assistance

Due to the unprecedented strain on local families and pet helpers due to job loss from the pandemic, SALDEA partnered with Agencias Escoffery, S.A. in David to provide pet food to local pet owning families who are enduring economic hardship.  Agencies Escoffery sold us pet food at cost, and we were able to donate that food to local families and local community volunteers who care for needy animals.  While we don’t normally operate a food donation program, our mission to support the local community calls for us to take this step in times of extreme need.