These dogs are in foster care but NOT yet ready for adoption.  They may be too young, need time to gain weight, recover from illness or trauma, or need sterilization.  We never adopt animals that are ill, unsterilized, or that have behavior problems such as aggression.  Watch the progress of these animals with updates here and on Facebook.  They will soon be ready to move into your home and heart!  All our dogs and puppies are sterilized, de-wormed, and vaccinated prior to adoption.

Midnight – Special Needs Dog

Midnight is a 1 year old female. Midnight is gentle and well behaved, and gets along with cats, other dogs, and people.  She is sterilized, vaccinated, and healthy.  Midnight is still in foster care because she was born with an anxiety disorder (genetic, not the result of abuse).  She needs more 1:1 time with a foster to build her confidence.  When Midnight is adopted, she needs an owner who is sensitive, gentle, and able to help her navigate social situations. Dogs born with anxiety disorders can live in a home very successfully.  But the owner needs to be skilled enough to support the dog’s development.