Are You Ready to Adopt?

You see a cute puppy or kitten and think how adorable it is.  You can’t resist!  But are you truly ready to bring an animal into your life?  Can you honestly answer YES to these questions?  If you cannot, get a potted plant instead.  Plants are beautiful, inexpensive, and cause no trouble.

  • Do you think of a pet as a member of your family?  If your child misbehaved, you would not return him to the hospital.  If your pet misbehaves, will you try to return him to us?  Animals break things, chew things, and get in trouble, just like a child.  If you can’t accept mishaps, get a potted plant, not a pet.
  • Are you prepared to take financial responsibility for the pet?  Animals get sick, just like people.  If your child were sick, would you let her suffer and say you had no money for a doctor?  Will you care for your pet with the same sense of responsibility?  When your pet becomes old and ill, will you devote the time and money to support it?  If you will not take responsibility for a pet’s lifetime of medical care, get a potted plant instead.
  • Are you prepared to devote a lot of time to your pet?  Pets need time, attention, patience, and empathy.  When a pet moves to a new home, it feels frightened and confused, and needs time to feel comfortable.  Pets are not machines.  Are you prepared to bond with your pet, and gently show it how to trust you?  If you expect instant gratification and perfect behavior, you should get a potted plant.
  • Do you understand animal behavior and why your pet behaves the way it does?  If your pet was abused or neglected in the past, do you empathize with that suffering and support your pet in learning to trust you?  If you cannot empathize with your pet, get a potted plant.

Do You Really Want a Dog?

  • Do you want a dog as a security system for your house?  If so, do not adopt a dog!  Buy security cameras.  SALDEA dogs are NOT guard dogs to patrol your property or be tied outside.
  • Are you willing to train your dog and help it learn to live in your home?  Remember, our dogs are rescues, and many have survived traumatic experiences.  They need to be taught how to live in your household.  If you expect instant perfection, don’t adopt.  The dog will never understand why you are rejecting it, and you will cause heartache to an animal that has suffered already.  Potted plants need no training.
  • Are you willing to walk the dog, buy high quality dog food, play with it, and enjoy its company?  If not, plants sit quietly and only need occasional watering.
  • Are you willing to construct or repair fencing to make the yard safe for your dog BEFORE you bring it home?  If not, a potted plant will never run away.
  • Puppies are a lot of work and they make mistakes. If the pup chews your shoes, glasses, or remote control, will you be patient?  If it has accidents inside the house, will you gently teach it where to go?  If it cries at night, will you comfort it?  If not, choose a quiet potted plant.

Are You Ready for a Cat?

  • Cats are highly sensitive to changes in their environment.  When cats go to a new home, they can become frightened, insecure, and withdrawn, sometimes for several months. They may not eat for several weeks and may not respond to you right away.  Are you patient and committed enough to help the cat adjust, or do you expect an instantly perfect pet?  If you expect perfection, choose an easy potted plant.
  • Cats can shred your curtains and furniture, and knock things off of shelves.  Are you prepared to manage cat behavior?  If not, a potted plant never causes trouble.
  • Cats cost money.  Are you prepared to buy a litter box, crate, toys, pay for vet bills and quality cat food?  If not, potted plants are much cheaper.
  • Are you prepared to keep the cat indoors at all times?  Keep the windows closed or install screens?  If not, the potted plant will never run away.
  • Cats need time, attention, and play.  Are you willing to devote energy and time to socialize with the cat?  If not, potted plants look effortlessly beautiful.

Think very carefully before you adopt.  You are responsible for the life of a feeling, sentient being for up to 15-20 years.  Do not make an impulsive decision that results in harm or heartbreak to a deserving animal.