Why Adult Dogs and Cats Make Great Pets

Everybody loves fluffy puppies and kittens, but they are a ton of work, cause endless problems, and they all grow into adults, anyway.  Adult pets are often passed over for the cute puppies and kittens, but adults are appreciative of their new homes and make superb companions.  Why not go straight for the deserving adult and skip the headaches of babyhood?  Many thanks to APA Adoption Center for these awesome graphics!

Following are reasons why adults make wonderful pets.

Adult Pets are Better Behaved

Adult pets are less destructive: your pillows, eyeglasses, remote control, and shoes are less likely to be chewed.

Adult pets are not all over you begging for attention like puppies and kittens. If you like your space, an adult pet is a better choice for you.

Adult pets are not as demanding as babies, and are content just to be in your presence.  Adult dogs love to go for a walk with their owner, and adult cats enjoy playing with toys and getting attention.  Adults are less likely to get out of control because they are mature.

Adult Pets are Housetrained

Adult pets know where to go to the bathroom.  You are less likely to deal with accidents on your rugs and floors, legs lifted on your furniture, etc.  All SALDEA pets are housebroken, so you can avoid that hassle with a mature pet.  If you want to keep a clean house, adults are the better choice.

Adult Pets are Sterilized

All SALDEA animals are sterilized prior to adoption, but mature sterilized animals are way past the difficult behaviors that come with mating and sexual maturity.  Marking territory (peeing on your furniture) is less likely with a sterilized adult.  Who needs that misery?