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Why Adopt a Dog from SALDEA?

An adoption through Salvadores de Animales, Inc. is a wise decision.  All our dogs are sterilized, vaccinated, treated for parasites, and in good health.  Veterinary records while in SALDEA’s care are given to the adoptive family.  Because we house our dogs in foster homes, our dogs are familiar with the home environment and rules of behavior.  When you adopt with SALDEA, you are part of the family.  We will help you with any concerns, behavioral issues, or problems that may arise.  We can recommend a certified dog trainer who will support you with any behavioral concerns.  We follow up on all our adoptions, and maintain contact with families.  If you ever need us, we are here for you and your dog!

At the time of adoption, you will sit down for an interview with a SALDEA representative and review every item on the adoption contract.  You will be asked to initial every item before the contract is accepted.

Requirements to adopt a dog from SALDEA:

1. You must have a fully fenced yard or agree to walk your dog on a leash at all times.

2.  You must have a leash, collar, supply of dog food (Kirkland, Purina, or Pedigree), dog bed, and bowls before you adopt.

3. You must consider your dog a member of the family and not a guard dog left in the yard.  Chaining SALDEA dogs is forbidden.

4. You must take your dog to the vet for wellness checkups, vaccinations, and at the first sign of illness.  If you do not have a vet, you will choose one at the time of adoption.

5. Payment of a $20 donation to SALDEA.  Adoptions are NOT finalized until the donation is paid.

6.  Photo of your Cedula taken with the signed adoption contract.

7.  Electric bill or other utility bill with your full street address.  The person whose name appears on the utility bill must be the one to sign the contract.

8.  Every adopter MUST provide ONE email address and TWO cell phone numbers.  You may use relatives or friends if necessary.

9.  Pre-adoptions are possible for puppies in foster care!  You must pay the adoption fee and sign the contract.  The animal will not be released to you until after sterilization.  You may receive updates and pictures before the animal is released to you.

Vino Solo

Vino Solo means “he came alone.”  Vino Solo was a street dog who formed a bond with several families in a neighborhood in David, who collectively fed him every day.  Due to COVID’s impact on the local economy, the families began to struggle to find funds to pay for his food.  One person in the neighborhood beat him in the face with a shovel, resulting in blindness in one eye.  That neighbor threatened to murder him if he was not removed.  Vino Solo has done amazingly well in foster care. He is in excellent overall health and very personable.  He is highly intelligent.  His one blind eye has no impact on his ability to navigate the world.  Vino Solo is sterilized, vaccinated, well socialized, and ready to light up your life.


Midnight is a 5 month old female. She is Kayla’s sister. Midnight is fun, playful, and gets along with cats and other dogs.  She is sterilized and vaccinated, healthy, and ready to move into your heart!


Kayla is Midnight’s sister.  Both are 5 months old.  Kayla is fun loving, sociable, gets along with cats and dogs, just all around excellent.  And look at that face!!  She is sterilized, vaccinated, and healthy.  Kayla will make a fantastic pet!


Snow is a 2 years old poodle mix, heavy on the poodle! He is very smart, friendly and curious. He is good with other dogs. Snow would be fine in a home with children. He is curious about cats and so a little overly energetic with them, but not malicious. Snow will need a securely fenced yard or fairly long daily walks. He likes to ride in the car and would make a delightful companion. Snow is sterilized, vaccinated, healthy, and housebroken.


Buddy is a 2yr old poodle mix, heavy on the poodle! He is Snow’s brother. Buddy is a bit shy, but once he warms to you, his bright personality shines through and he is eager to please. He likes to sit close and loves to be pet. Buddy is good with other dogs. He is quick to snap if he feels cornered, so a home with older children would be preferable. Buddy is curious about cats and a little energetic but not malicious. Buddy is sterilized, vaccinated, healthy, and housebroken.