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Why Adopt a Cat from SALDEA?

An adoption through Salvadores de Animales, Inc. is a wise decision.  All our cats are sterilized, treated for parasites, and in good health.  Because we house our cats in foster homes, our cats are familiar with the home environment.  When you adopt with SALDEA, you are part of the family.  We will help you with any concerns, behavioral issues, or problems that may arise.  We follow up on all our adoptions, and maintain contact with families.  If you ever need us, we are here for you and your cat!

At the time of adoption, you will sit down for an interview with a SALDEA representative and review every item on the adoption contract.  You will be asked to initial every item before the contract is accepted.

Requirements to adopt a cat from SALDEA

1. You must agree to keep your cat indoors or only allow it to roam inside a walled yard if you let it outside.

2.  You must bring a proper crate to transport the cat at the time of adoption.  SALDEA will not permit animals to be transported in cardboard boxes.

3.  You must have a litter pan, cat litter, and a supply of proper cat food (Kirkland or Purina) prior to adoption.

4. You must consider your cat a member of the family.  As a feeling and thinking individual, your cat needs time to adjust to its new surroundings and family.  Cats may take several weeks to settle in.

5. You must take your cat to the vet for wellness checkups, regular parasite checks, and at the first sign of illness. If you do not have a vet, you will choose one at the time of adoption.

6. Payment of a $10 donation to SALDEA.  Adoptions are NOT finalized until the donation is paid.

7.  Photo of your Cedula taken with the signed adoption contract.

8.  Electric bill or other utility bill with your full street address.  The person whose name appears on the utility bill must be the one to sign the contract.

9.  Every adopter MUST provide ONE email address and TWO cell phone numbers.  You may use relatives or friends if necessary.

10.  Pre-adoptions are possible!  You must pay the adoption fee and sign the contract.  The animal will not be released to you until after sterilization.  You may receive updates and pictures before the animal is released to you.

Musa and Stela

Musa is the mama, now about two years old.  Stela is her lookalike kitten who is now about one year old.  Must has the dark face, and Stela has the bi-color face.  They are quite bonded to one another.  Both are sterilized, healthy, and ready to adopt, alone or together.  Two beautiful tortoise shell kitties, sweet, gentle, and loving!


Moustache is so called because of her cute mustache!  She is a 5-month old girl who was found with her mother and sister in Alto Boquete when a person was cleaning up their yard.  Moustache is still a bit shy and needs an owner who will patiently work with her.  She is sterilized, healthy, and ready to find a special home who understands shy kitties.

Mama Billy and Son Dillan

Sweet mama Billy and her sweet kitten Dylan are sterilized and ready to adopt.  Billy is multi-colored, and Dylan is white with a gray head and tail.  Both are gentle, loving, healthy, and ready to find their forever home.  We are offering these two for ONE adoption fee!


BraveHeart is a 5-month old girl who was found with her sister and mother in Alto Boquete in someone’s back yard.  She is adventurous, very curious, and full of fun.  BraveHeart is sterilized, healthy, and ready to find her forever home.

Garfield Menor

Garfield Menor an orange and white youngster, almost a year old.  He is sterilized, healthy, playful, and affectionate!  Garfield is used to living with other cats and gets along with everyone. He is used to home life as an indoor cat. If you want a mellow, easygoing cat, Garfield is for you.


Nova is one of SALDEA’s most beloved cats.  She’s been with us for a very long time, and we aren’t sure why she hasn’t been snapped up.  Nova is a black and white mama who raised a beautiful litter of kittens, and then lovingly cared for orphaned kittens as if they were her own.  She a happy, vigorous girl loves to exercise.  She is curious and pleasant with everyone.  She loves to talk a lot, answers if you speak to her, and comes if you call her.  Nova likes to be in her space and behaves like a queen.  Nova is sterilized and ready for a life of her own after being an excellent mother.  Nova is FIV+ and is safe to keep with other cats because of her peaceful nature.  If you are looking for a peaceful, gentle, affectionate cat, Nova is for you.